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This is Yin, Yin is currently looking after 3 wee babies, but will soon be looking for her forever home.  Yin has had 3 litters of kittens, but this is her last, she is ready to start looking after herself.  Yin will make a nice companion, she is a little shy, but once she gets to know you she will be your best friend. 

Sally - 1 year old Greyhound X - out on trial

This is Sally, Sally is a 1 year old greyhound x girl.  Sally is a very chilled out dog, she is very calm and easy going around the home.  She does enjoy going for walks and loves to play with other dogs.  Sally is quiet and really easy going, she is a great all rounder and will make a wonderful family pet. 

Boxer Collie x puppies

These are 7 week old Boxer Collie x puppies, very popular so be quick if your interested.  They are all girls.  Currently 4 have people wanting them, there are 8 in total.  Mum was a pure boxer and dad a collie we are told. 

Zoe - is still looking for a home

Zoe is a very special girl, who has been here soooooo long that she has become part of the furniture. 

She is looking for a special home with a loving family.  Zoe will make an amazingly loyal companion or buddy for someone.  She does not require much exercise as she is 9 years old and is just happy to lie by you, no matter what your doing and keep you company.  Please help Zoe find a forever home. 

Holly - tortishell female (camera shy!)

This is Holly, she is not shy, but was not so keen on the camera.  Holly is around 1-2 years old.  She has recently been a mum, but is now looking for a good home.  Holly is really lovely she is affectionate and just wants to be with you.  Holly will make a wonderful pet. 

FOUND - Female tabby and white young adult cat - found Brightwater


This is Jethro, he is a middle aged boy who is independent and personality plus.  He is smoochy but not keen on being picked up, he will come to you on his own terms.  Jethro enjoys the outdoors but will make a great companion. 

Found - Black male short haired kitten - Tahunanui

Found 10/12/2014

Bunty - female tortishell

This is Bunty, she is a 6 year old girl who has had several home recently, she is now ready for her forever home.  Bunty is a nice girl who would prefer a quieter home.  She will make someone a lovely companion and best friend. 

Lilly - 3 month staffy mastiff x

Lilly is a Mastiff, Staffy, Collie x she is about 3 months old.  Lilly has a delightful personality and with the right training will make a wonderful pet.

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