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Who's Available


This is Clive, we think he is 5 + years.  Clive arrived as a stray, he has a micro chip but unfortunately this has not led us to finding his owner.  Clive is a handsome, regal lad who loves people.  He will make a great company or companion cat, please help him find a great home. 


This is Netty she is around 2 years old.  She currently has 2 kittens, but will soon be looking for her forever home.  Netty is a sweet talkative girl who will make a wonderful pet. 


This is Pepper, she is a lovely young girl, she is a real sweet heart.  Pepper is ok with other cats and will make a lovely family pet and or companion. 

Rabbit - female

This rabbit is looking for a good home


This is Robbie, he is a lovely boy who is around 18 months old.  Robbie is very playful and outgoing.  He is good with other cats a handsome lad and will make someone a wonderful pet. 


This is Borris he is an adult lad who is around 4 years old.  Borris arrived as a stray and unfortunately was not claimed.  Borris is good with kids and is house trained.  He is a handsome lad who deserves a forever home. 

Heading dog x puppies - two black and white boys available

This litter of 4 heading dog x puppies has recently arrived.

2 girls and 2 boys (girls out on trial)

they will grow into active dog that will benefit from good regular training and exercise.

Please call in and see us if you are interested in these very cute puppies.

Male Rabbit up for adoption

This male rabbit is a Lop x.  He is not the most friendly rabbit, but is only around 1 year old so with the right owner and lots of TLC he may become more handleable. 


This is Frisco, he is 9 years old.  Unfortunately Frisco's owner could not keep him any more.  Frisco is healthy and has a nice nature, he is not so keen on being at the SPCA.  Frisco is used to having room to roam so would love to find a good home.  He gets on ok with younger cats and deserves a good home.

puppy 1

Lovely young puppy around 4 months old


Lovely young puppy around 4 months - male


This is Pandora, she came in with kittens, they have all been adopted, now it is her turn.  Pandora is young girl who deserves a loving home.  She would prefer a quieter home. 


We have lots of kittens becoming available

this is a wee girl who is currently looking for a good home


This is Pip she is 3 years old.  She has recently been a mum but is now desexed and ready to find a loving home.  Pip is not so keen on other cats, so would prefer to be in a home without other cats.  Pip is loving and talkative, she enjoys people company and will make a great pet. 


This is Albert he has been a stray for around 2 years, we are looking for a home well away from Marsden Valley area as he has ties to that area.  He is a very smoochy boy who just loves cuddles.  He is older so is looking for a great retirement home where he can lie in the sun and chill out. 

Sally - 1 year old Greyhound X - out on trial

This is Sally, Sally is a 1 year old greyhound x girl.  Sally is a very chilled out dog, she is very calm and easy going around the home.  She does enjoy going for walks and loves to play with other dogs.  Sally is quiet and really easy going, she is a great all rounder and will make a wonderful family pet. 


This Bessy, she arrived here in October heavily pregnant, he babies have all found good homes, now it is her turn.  Bessy is outgoing and playful she enjoys a cuddle.  She is only a young girl so deserves a good home. 


This is Netty she is a sweet young girl who has been a great mum, she is looking for a good home.


This Chico, he is a 4 year old Beagle, he is a sweet lad who is looking for a good home. 


This is Rosie, she is a lovely out going girl who gets on well with people and other cats.  Rosie has a real sweet lovely nature and will make a wonderful pet.   


This is Emmy she arrived as a stray with 4 kittens in tow.  She has been a great mum and is now looking for her perfect home.  Emmy is just a young girl who is very sweet and deserves a loving home. 


This is Jess, she is a young female who has recently been a great mum to 5 kittens.  The kittens have all found homes, now it is her turn.  Jess is a lovely girl who will make a lovely family pet.  She does not mind being picked up and enjoys a cuddle.  She would be great in almost any home. 

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